Sticks and Stones is a residential remodeling and new construction company, based locally in North Idaho. We serve the greater North Idaho region, including but not limited to Kootenai and Bonner Counties. For immediate response, please contact us directly at 208.215.2355 or [email protected].



The kitchen is the focal point of nearly any home. It receives perhaps more traffic than any other room in the house, and should be both attractive and functional. "Functional" means different things to different people, though. Having five young kids may require a somewhat different kitchen layout than might be chosen for a single professional.

Moreover, the kitchen is a focal point in home sales, with almost 70% of buyers considering it a critical part of their decision making process.

Sticks and Stones can help you make both attractive and functional choices to upgrade your kitchen, making it a net positive and adding to your home's value.

We can help you determine whether to renovate (
update your area with modern lighting, flooring, appliances, paint, etc) or to go with a full remodel (change the layout of your space - e.g. by adding or subtracting space, moving items such as sinks, islands, etc). Both are appropriate in their own places, and S&S can assist you with making informed choices about cost, functionality and ROI.


Along with the kitchen, the bathrooms - especially the master bath - occupy a place of importance in any home. Tight, cramped or non-functional bathrooms are frustrating and annoying for both owners and buyers. On the other hand, a well-designed, elegant bathroom adds class and value to a home.

We can help you determine the right path for your bathroom remodel. Does a modern, sleek design fit your home and lifestyle, or does a rustic style match you better? Do you prefer luxuries like dual shower heads and custom tile, or do you need to make considerations for renters, grandkids, and the like? Do you need to add physical space to your bathroom, or can you get by with the current layout?

Sticks and Stones can help you make these decisions, walk you through the renovation/remodel process, and deliver a result you'll be proud to show off.


Decks, ADUs & Specialty

In addition to renovation and remodeling work, Sticks and Stones has extensive experience with a variety of other construction types, including but not limited to:

• Decks. A new or updated deck can quickly add square footage to a house, and make the sunny days in North Idaho that much more enjoyable. S&S can build or alter nearly any deck configuration.

• Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs). Attached or free-standing ADUs (also called "Mother-in-law quarters") are a popular and often cost-effective way to add living space without opening up your existing home. They work well for accommodating family, renters, having an extra office space away from the house, or just adding extra living space to your property.

• Pole barns and other out-buildings. One of the joys of living in North Idaho is being able to make use of the wide open spaces. To do that, you need somewhere to store those tractors, lawn mowers, four-wheelers, boats and RVs. S&S can build or add on to barns and shops to give you the extra space you need.

• Home additions. Adding on to your home can be a great way to increase space to accommodate a growing family, add a master suite, or incorporate space to accommodate your hobbies without having to load up the moving truck and finding a new house. We can help you plan your addition to make it cost-effective and add value to your property.

• Specialty Items. S&S has the ability to create custom features inside any home, from wine rooms to saunas and "man caves". Let us know what you want, and we can help accommodate you.

Sticks and Stones is a renovation, remodeling and new construction company. We serve the greater Coeur D'Alene area, including Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, Spirit Lake, and outlying areas.

We are built around the idea that every project should be approached professionally. This means, first and foremost, honesty. We won't hide costs. We also will give you - to the best of our ability - an accurate assessment of what your project will entail. This is followed by consistent communication, clear and well-communicated timelines, and a clean and orderly approach to our work. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Renovation versus remodel - what's the difference?

To renovate something means to restore it to new life, within the context of its original purpose. If you sand, repair and paint a vanity, you have renovated it by giving it a fresh look without changing its original design or purpose. Many home projects fall within the parameters of a renovation.

remodel something means to alter its structure or purpose. If you add a wall to your bathroom, or add a shower, or move a sink, you are remodeling. Remodeling projects tend to be more complex, but can transform some spaces in ways that simple renovation can't.

The approach to your project depends entirely on your
telos, or purpose. Sticks and Stones can help you determine the best approach to your project, considering budget, ROI, timelines and feasibility.